About the Tennis For Free Charity

About the Tennis For Free Charity

Tennis For Free was established in 2004 to address the barriers for participation in Tennis (ie court charges) and to bring the benefits of playing tennis and becoming actively engaged in sport to as many young people and families as possible.

We have profiled every free public tennis court in the country on this website and also run weekly FREE weekly coach led sessions for children, young people and adults, showing that tennis is a game that can be played by and benefit everyone, regardless of ability or social background.

Tennis For Free works in partnership with local schools, tennis clubs and local authorities throughout the UK, providing free access to community tennis courts, free coach led group tennis sessions and free usage of equipment.

In 2004 there were 30,000 public park tennis courts in the UK and today there are less than 10,000*. We aim to salvage and create free 'walk on and play' facilities on as many of these courts as possible. By driving significant activity to public park courts, we're confident that councils will not destroy them.

Our mission is also to launch as many Tennis For Free sites (that deliver the weekly free TFF Session) as possible throughout the UK. Our current list can be seen here.

Tennis For Free Charity Registered in England (charity number 1174954)
56 Thornhill Square, London,
N1 1BE.


*Statistic of 30,000 public park courts is referenced by Sport England in the Active People 04/05 survey. The current research of the total number of public park courts in the UK carried out by the LTA and Tennis Foundation stands at less than 10,000.