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Viewing TFF Stats

To view TFF's attendance stats you first need to request this access from Tennis For Free. In addition, you'll need to have an account registered on via one of the local site websites. Please register on a local TFF site and the login details you created for this local site will allow you to login on

Please email once you have registered an account and request stats access along with who you work for in your email.

Once you've had confirmation that stats privilege has been added to your account, you can do the following to get the required stats you need:

1 – Log in to site via this link:> then click ‘Admin Panel’

2 – From the admin Panel, click the ‘Stats’ tab (top left) -> then click ‘Summary Table’

3 – Select ‘results type’ from the dropdown menu (you can choose either ‘Attendances’ ‘Attendees’ ‘First Time Attendees’)

4 – Wait for the Blue spinner icon to stop and you’ll then see the total across all sites for all time.

5 – Now select ‘From’ and ‘To’ date range and click ‘Find’

6 – You’ll now be looking at the results you want across your chosen date range + you can export results to CSV.


Any problems, please contact us at